Not a psychotherapy session, just a collection of ideas that we’ll survey with the possibility of revisiting them later.
In no particular order:
  1. “The Supersession of Written Culture”, pg 272 of the New Media Reader.  An extension of this idea is that the proliferation of gadgets is suppressing creativity en masse, simply because the devices are so damn difficult to interact with.  For example, the act of creation is far easier on a desktop computer than on an iPod touch.
  2. Separation Anxiety by Joan O’C. Hamilton.  A starting point to the question of how much technology to allow into the classroom and how our curricula must adapt.
  3. The Four-Color Problem and Its Philosophical Significance by Thomas Tymoczko.  You can just skim this.  It deals with the problem of using computers to prove mathematical results.  It’s included as an attachment to this Forum entry.  The idea here is to discuss how technology affects our professional activity.

I’m pretty sure we can get to the first two points, but the third may be too large and more suited to a session of its own.