Culture of Diagram

Laws of Cool

Above please find links to two readings. The only assigned one is The Laws of Cool, but I am also attaching a chapter from the Culture of Diagram just because it’s so darn interesting. You don’t have to read it.


Since I seem to have insomnia, I thought I would take this moment to link to a super article about Second Life in the Humanities classroom that recently appeared in the New York Times.  I think what’s useful is seeing what actual practices people do in the classroom to make use of the technology.

At the conference I just returned from (ASECS) we discussed the digital humanities a lot; in particular we talked about various ways to access materials, ways to involve students in digital editing, and I discovered that Island 18 on Second Life has now been purchased by an Austrialian University.

Here is a review of the Hypertext novel I was telling you about. I own it, but am not sure where (in my chaotic office) it is.  It is on a CD.  It is a work you can move through in different ways, so the order doesn’t always have to follow a set narrative pattern.

Just thought you might like to see a performance on Second Life.