The Art Professor

This gentleman’s projects really scratch an itch for me. The more Koblin makes seemingly arbitrary decisions in his projects the more he becomes more authorial. What I like most about his projects though are how his interfaces allow us to create our own stories or experiences.

I’ll be seeing Koblin this Summer at the following conference:

His Wilderness Downtown project reminds me of Sarah’s final presentation.


Bill, I mentioned this during lunch. Though the demo here is quite primitive I still find it quite uncanny.

While this is not directly connected to either this week’s or last week’s readings, it seems worth a look for a few reasons.( watch the 3 minute video for an explanation of the project)

These recent events may be pertinent to our discussion on Wednesday.

Hasan Elahi

I am hoping to bring this gentleman to Whitman next Fall.

I applied for a visiting educator grant right before Spring Break. We’ll see if it pans out. I’ve known Hasan for a few years. He’s a very interesting and charming guy. And I wish that my own research and art practice was even halfway as compelling as what he does.

The following 20 minute lecture is the real meat of what we might discuss next week.

Consider how data, computers, and networks are being used. What other creative possibilities might be opened when we use the database as a starting point? And what does this say about how space and time have been altered by computers?

The reading to supplement this video is “Surveilance and Capture by Philip Agee” in the New Media Reader ( Pages 737-760).

I also hope that you’ll find Hasan compelling enough to help me drum up an audience if and when he comes.

Language. Time. Tools. Lots of questions here.

By request from Sarah. These are videos I showed when presenting Processing.

and one more for good measure.

The videos are all by Robert Hodgin, otherwise known as Flight404.
This Summer I hope to meet him at a conference that I am really excited to go to in Minneapolis this Summer.

He’s moved on from Processing, to use another coding language, Cinder. He’s still a huge hero of mine.